Instructions of Practice Bow without an instrument

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To use the Practice Bow without an instrument, position your right fingers in a “bow hold” correctly on the bow while holding the white cylinder with the O rings in the left hand. Then move your left arm into a position that places the cylinder where the bridge would be with an actual instrument (“pretend playing position”). Keeping the white cylinder steady while holding the bow, move your right arm at the shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers as you experiment becoming comfortable and observant of all the motions. Vary bow lengths and isolate areas of the bow using just the frog, or middle or tip. Use different rhythms–the rhythms in Twinkle Variations in the Suzuki Book I and the rhythms of Sevcik Op. 2 part 2 are excellent ways to analyze and practice bow technique. Using a mirror is very helpful and be sure to watch the instructional videos on